Image Bundle of the Life of Christ

Title: 225 Image Graphics of the Nativity, Childhood, Sacred Heart & Portraits, Public Life, Miracles, Passion, Crucifixion, Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ

All Images are Royalty Free – perfect for greeting, business, prayer & holy cards; web work, PowerPoint presentations, brochures etc ... Each image has been digitally enhanced & is ready for use.

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Image-File Specs: All images are JPEGs in a Winzip folder, which is 18 MB in size & can be downloaded three times. Files are named by artist and title.

Sizes: All religious images are 300 dpi, 500 pixels wide and range from 37-234 KB in file size.

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Trending Catholic Art | November, 2014

Women Pray in Graveyard
All Souls Day – Bouguereau
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Jesus Performing Miracle
Christ Heals Deaf Man – Bida
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Jesus Calms Tempest Storm on Sea of Galilee
Christ in the Storm – Rembrandt
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Girls Walking in Cemetery in Storm
God's Acre – Osborn
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Angel Carrying Sleeping Child
Guardian Angel – Kaulbach
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Medieval Woman Praying Before Altar
Jesus My Lord, My God & All – Manton
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First Ordination to Priesthood
Ordaining of the Twelve Apostles – Tissot
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Tilma Virgen Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe
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people pray in boat
Praying the Angelus – Payne
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Angel Praying, Mother Holding Child
The Angel & the Mother – Janmot
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Consecration at Catholic Mass
The Elevation
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Jesus Hugging Mother Mary
Virgin & Child Embracing – Sassoferrato
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